Bin Rentals & Dumpster Rentals in Vancouver & Surrey

Onestop Disposal provides bin rentals, dumpster rentals and junk removal services all across Vancouver, Surrey and the Lower Mainland. Our dumpster bin rentals come in a variety of different sizes, ideal for both residential and commercial projects. Each of our disposal bin rentals is delivered to your location and comes with free disposal bin pick up. Our bin rentals are perfect for disposing of waste, concrete, drywall, dirt, roofing, trash and general junk. We have the perfect size dumpster bin ready for you to rent! At Onestop Disposal, we provide bin rentals in the following cities:

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Free Dumpster Bin Pick Up

Onestop Disposal offers FREE BIN PICK UP with any dumpster rental or garbage bin rental in Vancouver, Surrey and the Lower Mainland.

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"One Stop Disposal delivered a 15 yard bin for disposal of household junk. They arrived on time, and were able to put the bin in my carport exactly where I wanted it. 5 / 5 stars"~ Matt VanHuett, Vancouver, BC

"My roof started leaking, and I gave these guys a call. They were literally on my door delivering a bin in 1 1/2 hours."~ Wayne Boesley, Langley, BC

Junk Removal Team & Equipment

Junk removal professionals providing quality junk removal equipment and expertise.

All of our dumpster bins are well maintained and cleaned after each use. Our junk removal team is trained to get our dumpster bins into spots the ‘other haulers’ can’t. We are equipped with innovative waste removal gear to get the job done right! We take pride in our waste removal services and dumpster bin rentals. We work hard to protect our customer’s property and ensure that all of our dumpster bins are placed on wood in order to protect driveways from damage.

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We get into places our competition can’t.
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