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Dumpster Rentals and Disposal Bin Rentals in Abbotsford

If you are living in the Abbotsford area and are thinking about renting a dumpster bin for your construction debris or yard waste, get in touch with our professional team to find out more about how we can help you.

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As a growing city in the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford is home to a diverse range of commercial, residential, and farmland properties that are surrounded by a beautiful mountain-scape backdrop. While Abbotsford is home to many different types of properties, Onestop Disposal understands that, no matter what type of property you own, no one wants to haul their own garbage to the dump.

Onestop Disposal is happy to provide communities throughout Abbotsford and the surrounding areas with a range of garbage disposal and bin rental services. As a garbage disposal and bin rental company, we understand the importance of disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly manner. That is why our team always takes the time to ensure that all types of waste are being properly disposed of. Some of the areas we serve in Abbotsford include the following neighbourhoods and communities:

  • West Abbotsford
  • Clearbrook
  • Bradner
  • McMillan
  • Babich
  • Mill Lake
  • Townline Hill
  • Auguston
  • South Poplar
  • Straiton
  • Huntingdon
  • Mount Lehman
  • Lower Ten Oaks
  • West Clearbrook
  • Upper Ten Oaks
  • Lower Sumas Mountain
  • South Clearbrook
  • North Clearbrook

Bin Rental Sizes and Types in Abbotsford

Onestop Disposal offers a range of Abbotsford bin rentals in a selection of different sizes, ranging from 5 cubic yards to 20 cubic yards. No matter what type of project you are working on, our rental bins are the perfect solution for disposing of waste in a safe and efficient manner. For more information about our bin rentals in Abbotsford or to learn more about which size bin will work best for your particular needs, please get in touch with our team for a free quote today.

How to Rent a Garbage Bin in Abbotsford

Renting a garbage bin in Abbotsford for your home renovation or construction project has never been easier. Simply, get in touch with the waste removal experts from Onestop Disposal today to find out what bin rental size will work best for your specific project.

All of our bin rental deliveries are fast and efficient and are designed to deliver your rental bin right to your Abbotsford location, when and where you need it most. To rent a garbage bin from Onestop Disposal, follow these simple steps:

  • Call Onestop Disposal at 604-613-5271 to book your bin rental.
  • We deliver the bin to your location in Abbotsford.
  • You fill our dumpster bins with your waste, disposal, concrete, drywall, dirt, roofing, trash, garbage or general junk.
  • When you are finished loading your dumpster bin, call us and we will pick it up from you in Abbotsford!

Recommended Bin Rentals for Abbotsford

12 Cubic Yard Bin

12 Yard Abbotsford Dumpster Bin Rental

12 cubic yard dumpster bins are ideal for most large landscaping jobs or moderately sized construction sites in the Abbotsford area, as they can hold up to 4 truckloads of waste. This particular dumpster bin can easily fit on most jobsites and can be positioned in a way that makes it accessible enough for waste disposal without interfering with worksite operations.

All 12 cubic yard dumpster bin rentals come with free pick up once the bin is full, so you will never have to worry about wasting time and resources by travelling to and from the dump again.

Check out our 12 Cubic Yard Lid Bin

Other Disposal Services in Abbotsford

Single item pick up in Abbotsford

Onestop Disposal also offers single item pick up services to customers throughout Abbotsford who are cleaning out their house, in the process of moving, or are performing a home renovation. All of our single item pick-up services start for as little as $69 and are designed to properly dispose of your unwanted household items, such as kitchen appliances, mattresses, couches, televisions, etc. Our pick-up services for single items are fast, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

Top soil delivery in Abbotsford

In addition to our disposal services, we also offer top soil delivery services to customers living in the Abbotsford area. No matter what top soil product you are looking to have delivered—soil, bark mulch, gravel, sand, etc.—our delivery services are available 7 days a week to homeowners and landscapers alike. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about having your soil delivered right to your home or jobsite.