4 Reasons to Rent a Dumpster Bin

If you are looking to complete a large project for your home or are moving to an entirely new home, you will need to determine what you are doing with any junk, trash, or waste that is produced during these projects. While you could hire a professional junk removal team to dispose of all junk after the project is completed, it may be more efficient to choose a bin rental. This will allow you to dispose of any items as needed instead of gathering them in one area for a company to retrieve. As a leading provider of junk removal services and bin rentals, the team at Onestop Disposal knows that dumpster bins can be used for a variety of purposes. That is why we have compiled a list of 4 reasons to rent a dumpster bin to help you determine if one is right for your needs.

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4 Projects That Require a Dumpster Bin Rental

Dumpster bin rentals can be effectively used for the following projects:

1. Interior Renovations

Dumpster bin rentals can be invaluable during every stage of an interior renovation project as they give you a space to dispose of junk before the project and a location for any waste produced during the job. For example, you may decide to dispose of some old household items and appliances to clear up space before the job. Once work begins, you then place any old flooring, carpets, wallpaper, lumber, and other waste that is created during the project in the bin, allowing you to keep your space clear.

2. Moving

If you are about to move to another city, province, or country, renting a dumpster bin can help you get rid of any unnecessary items that you have been holding on to for the past few years. This will drastically reduce the number of items you need to pack, saving you time, stress, and effort.

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3. Yard Maintenance and Landscaping

Large landscaping projects can produce a surprising amount of waste, especially if you are adding new soil to your property. A dumpster bin rental gives you a central location to place tree stumps, turf, weeds, shrubs, bushes, and old soil, cutting down on the amount of time and effort required for your project. Many junk removal companies also use their bin rentals to deliver topsoil, so this is worth inquiring about if it applies to your project.

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4. Roofing Projects

A dumpster bin rental is invaluable if you are replacing your roof as it gives you an easily accessible location to place old shingles. Roofing projects produce roughly 300 lb of waste per 100 square feet, so having a location to safely place this waste will give you peace of mind throughout the project.

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