What Items Cannot go in a Bin Rental?

From home renovations and spring cleaning to construction sites and large projects, there are many reasons to use a bin rental. Though it may be easier to place all waste in a bin, certain items are restricted by law. Knowing what items cannot go in a bin rental is crucial for ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation and avoiding fines. As leading providers of bin rentals for all purposes, the team at Onestop Disposal understands the importance of responsible waste disposal. That is why our team has created a list of common items that should be kept out of bins and disposed of properly.

Learn how to dispose of waste responsibly in Vancouver and other areas.

3 Things You Should Never Put in a Bin Rental

The following types of items cannot be placed in bin rental:

1. Vehicular Fluids

While most fluids are prohibited for bin rentals, vehicular fluids are especially dangerous. Engine oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, coolant, and washer fluid are all examples of items that cannot be placed in a bin. If they are placed in a bin, there is a significant risk of these fluids leaking into soil or water supplies and contaminating them. Some of these fluids can also catch fire, putting all items in the bin at risk. Each of these fluids must be properly disposed of at a designated recycling facility.

2. Harsh Chemical Products

From abrasive cleaning products to pesticides, there are many types of chemical products that should never be placed in a bin rental. These products can explode or leak out of the bin and into the surrounding soil, contaminating the area. Paint, solvents, bleach-based cleaning products, pesticides, and any other chemical agents must be properly disposed of to ensure that they do not harm the environment.

3. E-Waste (Electronics)

Electronic products—televisions, computers, phones, gaming consoles, appliances, etc.—are not allowed in bin rentals in most countries around the world. Each of these items are not biodegradable and can contain harmful materials that emit toxic gasses over time. Electronic items that are placed in landfills tend to remain there for decades, taking up valuable space and contaminating the surrounding environment. This is especially true for items with large batteries as they often contain mercury that can leak into the surrounding soil. Be sure to take any electronic items to designated recycling locations.

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