Where Does Junk go Once it is Removed?

Have you ever wondered where household junk and devices go after they have been removed from your home? Though you can place all your items in a single bin rental, each of these items will not end up in the same destination. While most items are placed in landfills, certain items end up in specialized facilities to ensure they are disposed of in a responsible manner. As leading providers of responsible junk removal, Onestop Disposal has provided some information on where junk goes once it is removed from your home to help you better understand the entire process.

Learn how to dispose of waste responsibly in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Where Junk can end up After Leaving Your Home

After being removed from your home, junk can end up in the following locations:


Most household junk ends up in landfills. While these spaces used to be nothing more than a large hole in the ground, they have evolved into more complex facilities. Modern landfills utilize protective liners, drainage systems, gas/energy collection, and trash compacting technology to minimize their environmental impact. Though modern technology has significantly reduced their footprint, landfills are still the most damaging option of junk disposal. This environmental impact is why the other destinations for junk are so important.

Recycling Facilities

Plastic, glass, and paper waste are three of the most common types of household waste that can be recycled. Objects made of these materials can be repurposed into water bottles, paper products, and more. In addition to these materials, devices such as televisions, computer monitors, fridges, and freezers can be recycled to utilize their materials in the production of new technology.

Composting Facilities

Composting facilities are dedicated to sustainability, taking organic waste and turning it into usable soil. Organic waste—newspaper, leaves, grass, kitchen waste—are all examples of materials that can be placed in composting facilities. These materials degrade faster and more effectively in composting facilities instead of landfills, so we strive to place them here whenever possible.

Donation Facilities

A landfill or recycling facility is not the best option for devices and items that are still usable and in good condition. Instead of throwing your unwanted items into a bin, consider dropping them off at your local donation facility. This will allow them to serve a purpose for another household while keeping them out of landfills or from being prematurely recycled. Even if your items are not in the best condition, Onestop Disposal can help bring items like furniture and technology to facilities for refurbishing.

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