Junk Removal Services & Rates

Free pick up with ALL bin rentals

Junk Removal & Clean up Services

We at Onestop specialize in bin loading services. Our employees would be more than happy to meet the needs of removing material you want disposed of in a responsible safe manner. Our trucks and bins meet the need for junk removal and site clean-up services. We offer bins that are larger (25 - 50% larger) than the junk removal trucks and we charge per metric ton verse junk removal companies that charge for space volume.

Why Use Onestop Disposal Over Other Junk Removal Companies?

Honest Pricing & Quotes

Junk Removal Companies: Many junk removal companies use the classic “foot-in-the-door” technique.

They will provide a free quote based on truck volume and will always underestimate the amount of material involved. This means they will quote you for half a truck and when the truck is filled it has become three-quarters of a truck load. Their quotes are subject to change, meaning you will pay more in the end.

Onestop Disposal: With our pricing system, our initial quote will ALWAYS be the final charge. No hidden fees, no surprises – you get what we quote!


We offer completive pricing with junk removal that our competitors can't. As well our pricing is simple and has no hidden costs or overages. Delivery Fee + Bin Rental Cost + Disposal Fees of the material. Our highly trained staff are rented out at $29.00 per hour (Minimum of 2 hours billing, including 1 hour travel time fee to site) Our bin rental & loading services verse other bins companies.

All bin rentals are subject to an initial delivery based on destination. Call for a price.

Onestop Disposal does not disclose disposal site/transfer station financial billing statements or scale tickets to the customer.

  • Household garbage - $190.00 per ton
  • Mixed construction waste (non hazardous) - $190.00 per ton
  • Green waste - $160.00 per ton
  • Drywall - call for price quote

Onestop Bin Loading Services

  • We do all the work
  • No deposits with bin loading services
  • Upfront pricing - no hidden fees
  • Fast and easy removal; same/next day service
  • uniformed, trained, and insured - labour included
  • Disposal costs broken down and seperated
  • Equipment costs included

Disposal Bins/Dumpsters

  • Work is done on your own
  • Hundreds of dollars in deposits typically required
  • No breakdown provided - many hidden fees
  • Bin(s) left on property for weeks before pick up
  • Own labour required - untrained, no uniforms, possibly uninsured
  • Disposal fees, among other hidden surcharges, added after weighing your materials
  • Dollies, masks, brooms, and containers may need to be purchased

One Item Pick Up

A lot of the time our customers are in need of removing a single item. We at Onestop Disposal specialize in meeting this need and offer it in the most efficient manner. Our rates start at $69.00 for curb side pick-up and we offer this service throughout the Metro Vancouver area. Onestop Disposal offers single day pick-up which means you give us a call, and we can pick up the material in the same day.

At Onestop Disposal, we offer furniture pick up, removal and recycling services throughout the Lower Mainland. Visit our Furniture Removal Services page to learn more.

  • Mattress Removal $70.00 (plus $20.00 environmental surcharge tax)
  • Love Seat (2 Seats) $80.00
  • Couch (3 seats) $100
  • Hide-a-bed $120
  • Mattress & Box $120 - $140 (Depending on location)
  • Washer / Dryer $80 - $130 (Depending on location)
  • Stove $80 (Depending on location)
  • BBQ $69 - $80 (Depending on location)
  • Fridge $85 - $100 (Depending on location)
  • Deep Freezer $85 - $100 (Depending on location)
  • Appliance Removal $85
  • Electronics / TV Disposal $85

$40.00 environmental surcharge tax applies additionally to the mattress and boxspring removal

Top Soil Delivery

We also offer soil delivery throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. It's fast and available 7 days a week, for more information on pricing please request a quote. Types of material available for delivery.

  • Top Soil
  • Topdress
  • Turf Blend
  • Soil Amender
  • Bark Mulch
  • Lawn Mix
  • Garden Soil
  • 3/4 Crush
  • Gravel
  • Sechelt Sand
  • Concrete Sand
  • 3/4 Navy Jack
  • 3/4 Roadbase
  • 3/8 Bark Mulch
  • Bark Mulch
  • 3/4 Limestone
  • 2-6 in River Rock